Vision, Mission, & Values


Our Vision

Garlock Flexibles™ seeks to be the most trusted supplier of sustainable flexible packaging for fresh, perishable foods.


Our Mission

Garlock Flexibles' mission is to provide packaging solutions that keep food safe and fresh longer, thereby reducing food waste.


Our Values 

PEOPLE: People build business. Our people are our greatest assets. We treat one another as we wish to be treated: with dignity and respect. We seek to bring out the best in one another.

INTEGRITY: We are true to ourselves and true to one another. We do the right things, the right way, even when no one is looking.

TRANSPARENCY: When we make a mistake, we take personal ownership for it, make sure it is corrected, learn, and strive to get better. Likewise, we share and celebrate success.

LEARNING: We see every problem, every challenge, and every success as an opportunity to learn and improve. We habitually incorporate these learnings into our systems and processes, propelling continuous improvement into increasingly more sustainable outcomes.

TEAMWORK: We are at our best when we work as a team to understand and exceed our customer’s expectations. Our people thrive because they support one another. We are designed for cross-functional teamwork and collaboration, where diverse backgrounds, diverse experiences, healthy debate, and respectful communications are valued and encouraged.



Our commitment to continuous improvement embraces our service to customers. We're happy to share more about your connection to our Vision, Mission, and Values.

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