Sustainability Driven


Garlock™ champions circularity and minimizes resource use and food waste.

We approach sustainability goals by focusing on the things we can control.


A business has control over its choices and practices—how it treats people, communities, and customers. This begins with our constant focus on the personal safety of our employees, how we serve the communities in which we operate, and our environmental stewardship that minimize resource consumption and waste. Our ZERO injury mindset, ZERO landfill, and CO2 reduction targets all reflect this commitment to sustainable business practices. We believe those choices position us for responsible growth.
As a flexible packaging convertor, we control the ability to source responsibly, and we are material agnostic. Because we are not vertically integrated, we are nimble in the evaluation, selection, and adoption of the best sustainable film solutions and substrates that best meet our customer’s needs for more sustainable flexible packaging solutions.
Garlock customers trust us to make objective design recommendations that optimize the use of materials, maximize shelf-life/minimize food waste, and deliver solutions that end up in recycling streams instead of landfills. Our customers are on the front lines of global needs for sustainable materials of all kinds, and our choices help them meet those needs.
Of special note is our growing success with customers in the produce and coffee industries. We’re helping them move away from #7 flexible barrier structures and into How2Recycle®-approved1 recyclable mono-structures while maintaining shelf-life requirements. Contact us today to learn more about these exciting developments. 

1 How2Recycle is a registered trademark of Green Blue Institute.


Sustainability Infographic Garlock Commitment BLUE v2