Packaging Design, Re-Design and Cost Optimization

Garlock’s experience extends far beyond producing flexible packages

We work with so many facets of the packaging business that we have acquired a truly unique body of knowledge that can benefit your operation and optimize your costs.

Our breadth of knowledge includes the ability to provide a holistic evaluation of your packaging, product shelf life, and even your manufacturing equipment. We’ll help you spot pain points, and then we’ll provide recommendations for alternative packaging and manufacturing that will impact your bottom line to:

  • Enhance shelf life
  • Maximize use of current equipment and assets
  • Justify cost of new equipment
  • Improve operating efficiencies
  • Strengthen bottom line


Cost optimization is critical to all of us in today’s economic environment, and Garlock’s technical team has been challenged by the best in the business to deliver superior value. Depend on us to help your team optimize your costs through re-sizing, developing alternative structures to meet or exceed shelf-life expectations, or using optimized secondary packaging. 

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We're a leader in flexographic printing and converting, and we can help you make a FRESH IMPRESSION!



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