Astara Capital Partners


Astara Capital Partners, LLC ("Astara") acquired the flexible packaging operations of Garlock Printing & Converting in January 2021, which was a founder-led business. The company was rebranded Garlock Flexibles in 2023, paying homage to its founder, Pete Garlock.
Astara has significant experience transacting with founder- and family-owned companies and understand that selecting the right partner is one of the most important decisions they will ever make. Astara has an exceptional track record of being a good transaction partner to business owners during the acquisition process and then a good steward for the business into the future.
Astara’s goal is to build sustainable value for a company and believes this can only be accomplished by making the company fundamentally better. Rather than rely on financial leverage to drive returns, Astara brings financial, operational, and strategic resources together with great management teams to position companies for long-term success.
This philosophy results in the creation of sustainable companies that are good corporate citizens, who manage healthy and safe workforces, and play a positive role in their local communities. At Astara, sustainable means companies are managed so that their current earnings do not borrow from their future. To accomplish this goal, Astara capitalizes companies in a way that allows management to invest in its employees, equipment, intellectual property, and infrastructure in ways that ensure their long-term success.
Through its investments, Astara fosters healthier populations, shared wealth creation, cleaner environments, and increased employment. Its team members have led investments that served as a catalyst to improved labor relations, better environmental compliance, and job creation. Accordingly, Astara is a signatory to the UN Principles for Responsible Investing (PRI) and utilizes ESG principles to inform its investment decisions and approach to operating companies.